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Phil America
White Ambition, 2013

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100 KI-AI (100 Cheers), 2011

[metaslider id=1396]
Minerva Cuevas
Disidencia v. 2.0, 2008-2010

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Andre Hemer
Live at the Museum, 2011-2014

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Zhang Huan
To Raise the Water Level in a Fishpond, 1997

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Manit Sriwanichpoom
Pink Man, 1997 – ongoing

[metaslider id=1142]
Clemens von Wedemeyer
Metropolis – Report from China, 2004-2006



[vimeo id=”60612832″]
Lida Abdul
In Transit, 2008

[youtube id=”Q-JVFeHaYsI”]
Ivan Argote
Retouch, 2008

[vimeo id=”6879250″]
Chto Delat?
Angry Sandwich People or In Praise of Dialectics, 2006

[youtube id=”0ckH0lQGVws”]
Cyprien Gaillard
Desniansky Raion, 2007 (excerpt)

[vimeo id=”89376644″]
Andre Hemer
Artist talk, 2014

[vimeo id=”80782921″]
Andre Hemer
Hean Kim live at Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, Korea, 2013

[vimeo id=”81068723″]
Andre Hemer
Yuan Jing Guang (袁景光) live at the Guandong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China, 2013

[youtube id=”tFur1-i6BpA”]
Jani Leinonen
Food Liberation Army, 2011

[youtube id=”wcBuRSzCbM8″]
Jani Leinonen
Food Liberation Army, 2011

[youtube id=”8PVyrG4MTGo”]
Jani Leinonen
Food Liberation Army, 2011

[youtube id=”SWAJ9ohQHb4″]
Klara Lidén
Der Mythos des Fortschritts (The Myth of Progress), 2008 (excerpt)

[youtube id=”x0Xgj3CCuxg”]
Armando Lulaj
Never, 2012 (excerpt)

[vimeo id=”89682152″]
Armando Lulaj
Artist talk, 2014 (excerpt)

[vimeo id=”368367″]
Matt McCormick
The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal, 2001 (excerpt)

[vimeo id=”39771824″]
Filippo Minelli
You might call it crisis but it’s silence to me, 2012

[youtube id=”G2YvJOclREc”]
Wang Qingsong
Iron Man, 2009

[vimeo id=”89787427″]
Wang Qingsong
Artist talk, 2014 (excerpt)

[youtube id=”mkCHfqnAXG0″]
Andres Serrano
Signs of the Times, 2013

[youtube id=”ViwdbB19Awg”]
Kacey Wong
The Real Culture Bureau, 2012 (excerpt)

[vimeo id=”89765736″]
Andre Hemer, Armando Lulaj, Kacey Wong
Artist talks, 2014 (excerpts)

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